Sneak Peak…


Because the current projects that I am working on are taking so long, I thought I would give a little sneak peak of what is to come… Yes it involves painting our bed in the master bedroom. Yikes! When we purchased this bed a year ago, the plan was to give it a new finish. There were so many things that needed attention around here after moving in that I put this project off to be done another day and made the finish work as it was… Continue reading

Small Back Porch Update-Part II

While shopping at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago, I found this stool in the clearance section and thought that it might be a nice addition to the back porch. It seems that we never have enough side tables to set drinks on and this stool is the right size and height to rest in several different spots as needed. Continue reading

It’s not too early to decorate Easter eggs!!!

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These eggs are quick, easy, and a lot of fun to make. Paper Mache eggs are readily found in craft shops all over. Make a few each week-end and you will have amassed quite a collection by Easter! Continue reading