Small Back Porch Update-Part II

While shopping at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago, I found this stool in the clearance section and thought that it might be a nice addition to the back porch. It seems that we never have enough side tables to set drinks on and this stool is the right size and height to rest in several different spots as needed. Continue reading

Easter Centerpiece Tutorial


Yesterday, I posted pictures of an Easter Centerpiece that I made over the week end and I promised a tutorial today. My intention was to have it posted by noon, but my morning didn’t go as planned. After finishing our morning lessons (I am a home school mom), my daughter and I were in need of an emergency mother daughter day!!! So, off we went for a little pampering and shopping… We both came home in much better spirits! Sophie with a new haircut, shoes and adorable spring top and I hit the jack pot in Marshall’s furniture department!!! I will tell you more about that later! But, for now, here is the Easter Centerpiece tutorial… Continue reading

The Nuts and Bolts of Tassel Making!

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If there is any decorating element that I just couldn’t do without, it would be the use of accessories and to narrow it down even further, decorating with tassels would be the last thing I would give up. As I have tried to edit and fine tune my look by eliminating “stuff” from my vignettes, I can’t seem to keep from using tassels. I have tried putting them away, but I keep dragging them back out. I give up; I am bringing them back out to stay! Only, re-vamped with a new twist. If I could, I would put a tassel on everything! Continue reading

It’s not too early to decorate Easter eggs!!!

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These eggs are quick, easy, and a lot of fun to make. Paper Mache eggs are readily found in craft shops all over. Make a few each week-end and you will have amassed quite a collection by Easter! Continue reading