Old French Daybed Finds New Life! (back porch makover part I)

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As Spring draws closer, our back porch is begging for attention! Beds dressed in a basic wardrobe of white are dreamily irresistible  and can easily change with just a pop of color as the mood strikes. Today’s post will tell how this daybed acquired it’s white linens and landed outside on the porch.


Here it is as I found it, at the infamous flea market located in Round Top, Texas, about ten years ago. It spent a little time in my daughter’s room and then moved to the courtyard area outside the breakfast room of our old house. This is another piece that Craig strongly dislikes, so much so that it was sitting out on the curb when I arrived home, after making a drop off at Goodwill, during our move to Fort Worth. After a nice little discussion, I convinced him that it did have great potential and persuaded him to trust me to find a perfect spot for it in our new home! I will say that he was less than thrilled that it made the move to Fort Worth, and even more so when he came home from work the other day to find it sitting smack dab in the middle of our back porch! Now, it’s time to get busy with it’s transformation so that it won’t be banished to the curbside again!!!


Craig has always wanted a hammock, but we have no mature trees from which to hang one. The next best option would be to hang one under the roof of the back porch. As I contemplated this possibility, it occurred to me that I might be able to use the old French daybed instead. I decided to give it a go… The first order of business is to address the broken slats on the bottom. Sense Craig is not on board yet, I won’t be able to haul home a large piece of ply-wood to place over the bottom as I had planned, so meanwhile, I will…


Use this folded piece of burlap to cover up the slats. I know, it’s not very comfortable or functional, but it will do until he sees things my way!


Next, I topped the burlap with a twin feather bed…


and then another one. I am going for a “Princess and the Pea” look so I will add another one in the next day or two.


I placed two European pillows on either side. I bought the pillows and covers at Ikea.


Two more Ikea pillows went in front of the European pillows…


and two more Ikea pillows. These are from the Ektorp line. As you can see, they are pretty wrinkled, so I will go wash and dry them and be back with prettier photos shortly…


Ok, I’m back and the pillows are washed, dried, and pressed. They aren’t perfect, but I’m not going for perfect here, just relaxed and comfy!


I added a couple of concrete urns on either side and here we are. What do you think? Do you think Craig will come around, or do you think I will come home one day and find it by the curb again? Sure hope he will like it just a little bit!

Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you have a fantastic week end!!!



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7 thoughts on “Old French Daybed Finds New Life! (back porch makover part I)

  1. Oh Kristie, I do envy you. Not for the husband, I have one myself a little like yours :-) . But your porch is a dream! I love the fire- place ( did you do it yourselves?) and I love the daybed. It looks so comfy and decorative with all those pillows. I am sure, your husband will give in. Just make him sit/lie down, serve him a glass of French whine and whisper in his ears. You will be the winner (and your hubby too ;-) ) . Hugs, Manu

    • Manu, You are so clever! I will definitely serve him some French whine! I know it will be much more effective than the American whine I so frequently serve!!! It is always so good to see you! Have a great week end! Hugs back to you, Kristie

  2. What a fantastic idea! There is no way this will wind up at the curb~what a comfy spot! And it’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing~I found you over at Feathered Nest Friday today! Hope you will return the visit!

  3. (sigh!)…..sometimes those men just can’t see our VISION, can they, Kristie? You poor girl. I feel your pain, though. I go through the same thing over here quite often. But I must say… your daybed is just gorgeous with all the white fluffiness on it! I think you did an amazing job with it! I hope that your hubby “saw the light” and realized what a gem you have with that sweet daybed. And if he didn’t…..well….give me a shout. I’d be glad to take it off your hands! :)

    xoxo laurie

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