Spring, we await thee!

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Winter months seem long and the arrival of Spring takes forever! Even though our winter has been pretty mild, I still am anxious for Spring to come. I find that it helps to start introducing Spring elements around the house as a reminder that it won’t be long. Now that our breakfast room has been “Springified” I am moving to our back patio to add a burst of happiness to our outdoor living space. Choosing to revamp a broken mirror and re-purpose it as a chalk board, which now delivers cheery messages to us as we look out the back windows each day, launched a back patio makeover. It is my goal to share a little bit of it’s progress over the next two or three weeks, so keep checking for more updates and help keep me focused!

And now for a tutorial on this chalk board…


First, you will need to mix two batches of my favorite paint recipe, one of white and one of a dark gray/black color. I used Glidden pure white base and Martha Stewart Seal. I chose not to use black this time and go a little softer in color. If you want to use black, Berh Black Suede is a nice color.


Choose a frame and a piece of board to place on the back. The board you see here was the backer board for the mirror that was previously installed. I think it is a thin piece of plywood.


Begin painting the frame from the inside and working your way to the outer edges, first giving it a light base coat. Let it dry and give it another coat if it needs it. I used two coats on mine. For more tips on painting pieces with carved detail, go here.


Here is mine after one coat. It would have been fine with one coat, but after adding the chalkboard, I decided it needed another coat.


Here is a picture of my board before painting.


You will need to give one to two coats of your dark paint to your piece of board. Load a little bit of paint to your paint brush and cover the entire surface. Let it dry and swipe over it again with more paint if it needs it. Let it dry again and give if a good sanding. The sanding brings out the chalk board detail, as you can see in the next picture.


Attach the board to the back of your frame and you have a wonderful new chalkboard with lots of style!!! And best of all, you can say, “I did it myself”!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



P.S. I thought I would share a shot that was styled and photographed by my creative little daughter!

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