Book page wreath tutorial

Book page wreaths seem to pop up everywhere!  I have wanted to make one for quite some time but assumed they were very time consuming and tedious to make. This week I decided to try one myself. Here is what I came up with:


I gathered my supplies:

1. Old book

2. Basket to hold the rolled paper

3. Scissors

4. Pencil

5. Sharpie

6. Office clip

7. Ribbon

8. Glue gun

9. Glue sticks

10. Cardboard

11. Serrated knife to cut the cardboard


With all my supplies handy, I cut the book away from the cover using my scissors.


Then I tore about seventy pages from the book. I could have cut them out but I wanted a tattered look to mu wreath.


I cut a lot of tape pieces and stuck them to the counter.


Then I began to roll each page into a cone shape securing it with a tape piece. The book was pretty old so the pages were fragile, requiring extra care while rolling them.


I rolled approximately 65-70 sheets of paper.


Next, I cut an eight inch square from a cardboard box I found in the garage, drawing a three inch circle in the middle. I cut that circle out using the serrated knife. I saved it to use later in my project.


I began hot gluing the cones to the cardboard placing one on each side of the square in the center as shown here. I did not glue all the way to the outer edge of the cardboard. (See above photo;you will see why later.) I also made sure the point of the cones were even with the circle in the cardboard.


I started filling in each of the spaces and realized that my spacing was off when I finished with the top half, so I attached one in each corner of the the lower half of the square which made it much easier to space them evenly. (If you try this project, glue one cone to each of the corners as well as the centers.)


Here you see the first layer of the wreath. I filled in the gaps on the upper half with two additional cones.


After the frist layer was  finished, I placed the card board circle back in the center of the wreath and drew another circle in the center which was one inch in diameter.

I began adding a second layer keeping the cone points even with the new one inch circle. I used the same spacing technique as before.


Once the second layer was complete, I added a third layer so that less space would show through the wreath.


I checked the wreath to make sure that I didn’t need to add any more cones. Then I popped the circle back out of the wreath so that the center was empty.


I turned the wreath upside down and attached the office clip to the back. This is why I didn’t glue all the way to the edges of the cardboard. Lastly, I tied a ribbon onto the clip for hanging.

This was a really fun project which was not hard at all. It did require some patience and that was the hardest part as I am not very patient!

The best part was the cost…

I didn’t actually have to buy anything specifically for this project because I had all the supplies around the house. But here is the cost breakdown: The book was $1, glue sticks maybe $.50, cardboard-free, office clip-maybe $.10, ribbon-at most $.10. So, for less than $2.00 I have a wonderful new wreath!

It took me approximately two hours make. Not bad!

Here are some book page wreaths that I think are very inspiring! Take a look…

Miss Mustard Seed


The Nester

Jenna DeAngeles

Primp, Nester, and DeAngeles have very helpful tutorials as well as pictures. I used techniques from each of them.

I have to say a great big thank you to my sweet and industrious mom, who taught me to craft and allowed me plenty of opportunities to create!!!


One last look at the finished wreath!

Now it’s your turn! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Today, I did a little rearranging and moved my wreath to another room. Just another idea…


8 thoughts on “Book page wreath tutorial

    • Great idea, Pam! Kristie, Pam was our music teacher at KEMS for several years … Loads of talent … Not afraid to think outside the box!

  1. Thanks for the introduction, Mom! Pam, it is nice to meet you! Barbara T, it is nice to meet you too. As I was painting today, I thought of something I might add about the wreath tutorial and making the cones. I found that it was a little challenging to roll the cones at first. The video above, by Jenna DeAngeles, explains the process well. Check it out if you have trouble with the cones! Happy crafting! And let me know if you have any questions!

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