Market Nine – The Hunt!


Just a quick introduction to a new series that I am starting today… Market Nine – The Hunt! It is no surprise, to those who know me well and maybe to those of you with whom I am just getting acquainted, that I love to shop for all things home.  Be it a newly created market find, a flea market bargain or a roadside treasure, I love it! It’s really the thrill of the hunt and the inspiration infusion that I love the most. And, every time I am out hunting and gathering, I think of you and wish I had my camera so that I could share the adventure with you. So, here it is… with camera in hand and a focused mission… Market Nine – The Hunt! You can think of it as a shopping guide for all things Deep South and Wild West!

The first stop is close to home… Golightly’s Gallery and Antiques located at 5505 Davis Blvd., North Richland Hills, TX 76180.

I found out about Golightly’s while shopping the drawer hardware isle at Hobby Lobby. I was searching for vintage looking drawer pulls and met a fellow “vintage” shopper who told me that, “Golightly’s is a place you HAVE to go to!” So of course I went! She was right on… Golightly’s is a treasure trove of old and new home love goods! Today I will show you one particular booth that is located to the far left of the the store as you walk in.


This particular vendor carries a nice selection of old white linens. White bed linens are classic. In my home every bed has at least one basic set of white bed coverings. They are so versatile: you can dress a bed in all white for a light airy look, add in gray and natural linen for a soft comfortable feel, or add a pop of color to bring vibrant energy to your space.


I Love her old frames and mirrors too. You can’t have too many of them in your decorating arsenal. They add wonderful texture and shape to a room!


Take a look at this wonderful old mantle and the Root 66 bird house.  I could see both of these in an outdoor living space.


Each time I have been into the store, she has a table full of old china and nice greenery.


If you are in the market for an old chandelier, she has it. She has done a nice job of updating them with real wax candle sleeves and silicone dipped bulbs. They add class and richness to a light fixture. You may also have noticed that she carries burlap product as well. I love burlap because of the texture and warm color it brings to a space.


In this picture you see a close view of the wax candle sleeves and silicone bulbs. I love the unique shape of the crystal drops.


She also sells the candle sleeves and bulbs individually, so that you can embellish your own chandelier or replace a burned out bulb. I purchased a set of these while I was shopping. I will show you what I have done with them before long.


In addition, she carries these really neat little candle lamps that you can see nestled in the bowl.


Here is her price list. She has very competitive prices, actually the best I have seen.


This is Golightly’s store front. I love the charm that the awnings add to the drive up. And the dormers with their flowered window boxes are adorable too. The best part of the shopping experience is the friendly, helpful service. They definitely have the Friendly Texas Welcome thing down!


Here is their contact info again:.

If you live close, you will want to stop in at: 5505 Davis Blvd., N. Richland Hills, TX 76180

If you don’t, visit their blog here, they just might have what you need.

You can also contact them by phone: 817-656-9780

Thanks so much visiting Market Nine home today! I hope you enjoyed some of the eye-candy at Golightly’s. Keep in mind that this is just one dealer in there spacious building! The  entire space is filled with quality dealers, who have irresistible treasures just waiting for a new home!



Please, visit again soon for more MARKET NINE the hunt! Although I haven’t worked out a schedule for the hunt! yet, I have in mind to feature it on the second Friday of the month and maybe the fourth Friday of the month as well. I have chosen Fridays so that you can include the featured retailer in your week-end shopping! I have already photographed two more shops that will be featured soon. I think you will be delighted! Happy Shopping!


6 thoughts on “Market Nine – The Hunt!

  1. Hi Kristie- loved seeing Golightly’s on your blog. I used to stop in regularly when I worked in NRH….should have known you would discover and love it! Had so much fun with you, Sophie and Jessica last yesterday. And LOVED Beaucoup……I’m wearing my new ‘jewels’ today! Let’s get together again soon……..hugs! DMc

    • Hey Donna, Sophie and I had such a great time too! Wish we had thought to get a picture of you and your new treasures last night! Definitely, we must do it again soon! XO, Kristie

  2. Hi, Kristie

    You should have a special hunting license for extraordinary items! This booth is delightful and I love the idea of you taking the rest of us along on your expeditions. I am currently on a strict non-buying diet – until I finish the projects I have, that is. So I am vicariously shopping by following other people’s trips. I truly love those silicone lights and sleeves. Will they fit any light fixture or do you have to adapt the one you have? You are right about the prices – much better than around here! Your Photography was exquisite.


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