Bargains at Marshalls!

Bargains make my day! Yesterday, while Sophie and I were out shopping, I found some really cute chairs at Marshalls. For quite some time I have been wanting a pair of French Accent Chairs, but have not wanted to pay a lot of money for them. Well, yesterday was My lucky day! The Marshalls closest to me had just received a shipment of chairs before we arrived. In fact, they had just been pulled out of the stock room and had not been put out on the floor yet! They had several from which to choose, causing a bit of confusion, while deciding which ones I wanted to take home. Luckily I had my savvy little assistant with me, who guided me to the best choice. The fabric is 100% Linen and the finish rivals Restoration Hardwares weathered oak, which I have been salivating over, ever since they introduced it!


Even though $149 is a lot of money these are a bargain compared to the $300 – $350 price tags I had been seeing around town. And, when buying a pair, the savings add up even more.  I do realize that it isn’t the best made chair available, but I am completely happy with it!!!


Here is the pair along with a pedestal table, which I also found at Marshalls for $69. It’s lines are just what I have been looking for to fit this space. I had seen several tables of similar size and shape, but they were all upwards of $170. I am planning to paint it, so I didn’t want to pay a lot for it. Originally, $50 was my limit. For quite some time I had been looking for this specific shape and line and found nothing near my price range, so I decided to bump my budget up by $10 or $15. This was close enough so I nabbed it while I could.


Here is the chair at another angle. Sorry the glare is so bad; I am still trying to get the hang of this photography thing!!!

Why am I sharing these pieces with you? Because, I just had to let you know about these bargains!  If you are in the market for French chairs with a weathered oak finish, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, these may be your ticket!!! Here is a link to their store finder.  I will receive no compensation at all for posting this.  I just want to share this with my viewers.

You can also watch for up coming post to see what I end up doing with this vignette.

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful day!!!




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