Small Back Porch Update-Part II

While shopping at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago, I found this stool in the clearance section and thought that it might be a nice addition to the back porch. It seems that we never have enough side tables to set drinks on and this stool is the right size and height to rest in several different spots as needed.


This is what it looked before. Not bad, but it didn’t work with the look I am going for. So…


I gave it two coats of white paint using this recipe and technique.


Then I added this image from the Graphics Fairy, using this technique. I sanded over  it using a sanding block, making sure to hit the edges well. I also sanded the image so that it looked worn as well.


It is just the right height for a setting a cup of coffee on while blogging on the back porch!



This was an easy project that took very little time to do. This size stool can be used in so many different places and perfect for adding extra table space when you have guests over. It also is a nice height for using as a foot rest in front of a chair. If if is built well, you can use it for extra seating. Unfortunately, this one is coming apart, as you can see in this picture! Maybe that is why it was on clearance at Hobby Lobby!  Next time you see a stool for sale consider it’s possibilities. Just make sure it is constructed well!

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful week end!



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14 thoughts on “Small Back Porch Update-Part II

  1. Hi Kristie, just love the way your stool came out…could you tell me, when you remove the paper to show the image, do you leave any of the paper on the item? I had trouble when I tried to do it. Could you email me about this? I would really appreciate it. Love your blog…keep bringing great stuff.

    • Hi Lynnie, I just emailed you, but thought I would comment also, in case others have the same question. I do go through the removal process more than once if any paper is still remaining after the first try. I let it dry in between each try and then wet it again and remove some more. Some projects can be more stubborn than others. But, in general, just keep repeating the removal process until all the paper is gone. On my large Easter egg I had to go through the removal process three times. Hope this helps anyone who is having trouble with this step! OX,Kristie

  2. Your stool is so cute! I too have been having trouble getting all the paper off, it seems the transfer comes off with the paper, maybe I’m not getting it wet enough??? I’m going to try again! Thanks for supply so much inspiration, and instructions!

    • Lorrie, If all of the paper is not removed the first time, let it dry and repeat the removal process again. Do this as many times as you need to until all the paper is gone. I find that some projects are more stubborn than others. Hope this helps!

    • Lorrie, Oops… I forgot to answer the other part of your question… if your transfer starts coming off in the removal process, stop and let it dry, giving it more time to dry so that the Mod Podge really sticks. Then give it another attempt.

  3. Hi, I could not find your email address. Just wanted to let you know that today you’ve been featured on my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post. Welcome to our blogging neighborhood. We will all enjoy getting to know you better!
    Brenda@Cozy Little House

    • Brenda, It is so nice to meet you and all the other friendly girls who followed you over here!!! I have been so busy lately with my daughter’s schooling, that I have not spend much time blogging. What a nice surprise, when I finally was able to log on and check my site this after noon, to find so many new visitors and this note from you!! Thanks so much for featuring Market Nine and for the WARM WELCOME!!! Y’all are great!

  4. Hi! I just found you through Brenda. What a wonderful blog. I just signed up as your newest subscriber and can’t wait to get to know you better. I LOVE your egg project! xo Diana

  5. Yes, I followed Brenda@Cozy Little House over! I really like your tutorials and I’m anxious to try the modge podge on a little stool or something. Beautiful site.

  6. Kristie – I am visiting from Cozy Little House. As a matter of fact, Brenda and I live in the same town and are great friends. Your blog is really great. Will be visiting often.

  7. Use Liquid nails in the joints for wobbly furniture! It would be good to use clamps or bungees to hold it tight while the glue sets.

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