Sophie’s Time Out Throne!

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Even though our little angel was as sweet as could be, she did need a little time out every now and then. Yes, I know this is a little excessive, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this chair at a flea market when she was about two years old. I am not sure that sitting in this fancy schmancy time out throne really got the point across, as she was really interested in all the goodies that enveloped the slender chair. However, it has always been a conversation piece in our home.


Here it is from the front. You can see that a crazy quilt pillow rests in the seat with ruffled lace cascading to the floor.  If you look closely, you can see the original brown finish peeking through the antiqued robin’s egg blue finish that I applied.


Here is a closer shot of the pillow. The name of this pillow is “The Old Rugged Cross” , which is a companion pillow named, “Pearls Before Swine”. They are both from a home accessories collection that I designed, called, ” Market Nine’s Ranch Romance Collection”.

Well, Picnik just crashed, so I will have to add more photos later. I will post them asap!


OK, here we go… In this picture you can see the detailed hand embroidered stitching, which is embellished with beading from some of my Grandma’s broken jewelry. I just love to sew by hand and utilize trinkets that have sentimental value!


This is a close up of the Rag Tassel that hangs from the back of the chair.  Currently, I am working on a tutorial to demonstrate how I make my tassels. This Tassel is named after my mother, Barbara and is included in the same Market Nine: Ranch Romance Collection as the pillow.


And here it is again, as it sits in the corner. We don’t use it anymore for “Time Out”, but we all love the sentimentality that we feel each time we see it. Now it is used as extra seating when we have a house full of guests!

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3 thoughts on “Sophie’s Time Out Throne!

  1. Nice job…let’s hope she doesn’t like it too much ;-). Do you have a favorite antiquing glaze? Color or recipe of glaze to paint? I’m having a heck of a time getting straight a grey/brown glaze to create a weathered barn wood effect.

    • Leslie, Ralph Lauren Tea Stained Glaze is still my favorite glaze. The RL Smoke and Tobacco are also good, but they are darker glazes. I don’t have the formula for these, but maybe you can so a search for them.

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