Welcome to MARKET NINE home!

My name is Kristie and I am really excited to introduce my corner of the world Where the Deep South Meets the Wild West. I live in the Fort Worth area of Texas, recently moving from the Dallas area where I lived for 25 years. Born in New Mexico and raised in Louisiana, I was blessed by the influence of two rich cultures with very exciting histories. As I began to make my own nest in the midst of these two states I brought fabulous treasures from my childhood. My collections continued to grow with each remarkable find as I continued traveling in each direction. Soon my challenge became merging the two looks. And thus Market Nine emerged Where the Deep South Meets the Wild West.

Even though I know little about using computers I have decided to make this dream a reality. To complicate things even more I am a terrible photographer! However I want to write this blog so badly that “this old dog is willing to learn new tricks”. Thanks to a wonderful group of women, who graciously shared their blogging secrets with the rest of blogland,  this will be a year of fun and excitement as MARKET NINE home becomes reality!

Committed to making the most of my investments I stretch my dollars as far as I possibly can. If I have $100 dollars to spend I want it to cover $500 dollars worth of ground. This was born out of necessity during lean times carrying over into times of plenty. Through both I see it as a frugal mission to obtain the most for the least. It gives me even greater joy when I can help others do the same. I would be honored if you would claim a spot here with me at Market Nine home and journey through projects and share accomplishments while cultivating our interiors one layer at a time.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to MARKET NINE home!

  1. I was reading the steps on how to make the french pots. Do you just print your design on a plain piece of white paper? Or do you use transfer paper? If you just print it on a white piece of paper, does the design absorb and transfer on to the pot? Thank you!

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