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Hi! My name is Kristie. I was born in the western US and raised in the south. I love all parts of the wonderful United States but have a special spot in my heart for the European romance of the Deep South and Untamed Spirit of the Wild West. I have a passion for creating interiors that serve as sanctuaries from the fast paced but amazing outside world. I am frugal by nature and love doing things myself. I would love to share my creations, diy projects, and money saving ideas with the rest of Blogland. I am so excited to start this blog and introduce my corner of the world where the deep south meets the wild west. I live in the Fort Worth area of Texas, recently moving from the Dallas area where I lived for 25 years.Born in New Mexico and raised in Louisiana, I was blessed to be influenced by two rich cultures with very exciting histories. As I began to make my own nest in the midst of these two states I traveled east and west bringing home fabulous treasures from both directions. As I amassed my collection of glorious finds my challenge became merging the two looks. And thus Market Nine emerged where the Deep South Meets the Wild West. I am committed to making the most of my investments and stretching my dollar as far as I possibly can. If I have $100 dollars to spend I want it to cover $500 dollars worth of ground. This was born out of necessity during lean times carrying over into times of plenty. Through both I see it as a frugal mission to seek the most for the least. I seek thrills through the challenge of hard work and stretching the dollar in this challenging economic environment. It gives me even greater joy when I can help others do the same. I would be honored if you would claim a spot here with me at Market Nine and journey through projects and share accomplishments while cultivating our interiors one layer at a time.

A Little Bit of Spring in the Family Room

Adding a little springtime to the family room…


Spring is here, but we are still having some chilly weather around here and are definitely ready for consistently warm weather! I am so thankful for the beautiful tulips that are abundant in the grocery stores right now. At $7.99 a bunch I can’t resist picking some up each time I go shopping! Continue reading

Kitchen Accessory Details and Buying Tips

Last week’s post was about bringing life to our kitchen with accessories. I mainly talked about the new 42″ clock with a promise to add more individual photos with details about the accessories I chose and why. As I was preparing the details, I decided to write a separate post about basic accessories. So, here are my top favorites Continue reading

Accessories Add Life to the Kitchen!

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Charm of Home… Thanks Sherry!

After painting the kitchen cabinets last fall, I took a break from the kitchen and just recently decided to get back to it. Still not ready to tackle painting the walls and trim, I decided to add accessories so that it won’t seem so lifeless. Accessories really bring a room to life! The accessories I used to style the kitchen in an earlier post were borrowed from other rooms and had to go back, which left the kitchen looking kind of dreary. And we can not have a dreary kitchen! Continue reading

Keep Your Home New and Fresh by Rotating Accessories with the Changing Seasons:

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Primp Your Stuff Wednesday

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Treasure Hunt Thursday

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Be Inspired Friday


You probably do the same thing that I do with the change of the seasons… give your home a new do for the current or upcoming climate change. This past fall, I scattered some rich brown accessories throughout the grays in the master bedroom to give it a darker, cozier feel. The lampshades were a chocolate-brown damask with beaded fringe. I also used pillows that were Charcoal brown, charcoal gray, zebra print, and leopard print.(Sorry, no pictures.) With the anticipation of spring Continue reading